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At the initiative of Ministry of Steel, Government of India, International Coal Ventures Private Limited has been set up as a Joint Venture Company with SAIL, CIL, RINL, NMDC and NTPC as the promoter companies for securing metallurgical coal and thermal coal assets in overseas territories with the following objectives:

  • To ensure supply of imported met coal, of at least 10% of the 2019-20 requirements of SAIL and RINL, i.e. say five million tonnes per annum, from assets overseas as medium term target to be achieved by 2011-12, being a step towards security of supply.
  • To be an owner of about 500 million tonnes of met coal reserves by 2019-20.
  • To meet the requirements and to serve the organizational aspirations of other participating companies like CIL, NTPC and NMDC by providing a facility for enhancing and leveraging their domain knowledge and human capital for international mining business development and also for procuring high quality thermal coal for companies like NTPC.




The primary targets for ICVL is the acquisition of metallurgical and thermal coal assets. Both metallurgical coal and thermal coal to be sourced from such assets is intended for consumption by the member companies of ICVL.

SAIL and RINL are currently the two steel producing companies who import and use prime hard mid volatile metallurgical coking coal. NTPC and the other customers of CIL use low sulphur thermal coal with calorific value around 5,000 K/ Cal.

ICVL has been established with the objective acquisition of equity/ ownership interest in coal companies/ coal mines/ coal assets so that it could obtain coal from such acquisitions on a long term sustainable basis. ICVL would sign long term off-take agreements in such companies/ mines/ assets where it establishes an ownership position. Ownership position is clarified as ranging from full ownership to a minority equity stake position.

ICVL is open to looking at suitable opportunities/ proposals in all overseas territories. However, the preferred regions/ target countries are Australia/ New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada/ USA, South Africa/ Mozambique.

The preferred quality parameters of metallurgical coking coal and thermal coal can be downloaded from this website.Download